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18th IRF World Road Meeting

2017/11/14 өдөр 12:30 - 2017/11/17 өдөр 22:30

In keeping with the tradition of the last 60 years of all road sector stakeholders coming together every 4 years to meet and brainstorm on critical issues and challenges, the global road fraternity will gather in India for the 18th World Road Meeting in 2017.
The venue is the majestic city of Delhi, with its ambience, a mix of the old and new world and its rich culture and heritage.
The Agenda includes:
Managing growing transport needs:
• Planning roads for mobility and safety
• Vehicle design
• ITS for managing Safe Transport needs

Road Safety Concerns:
• Engineering measures
• Other factors impacting Safety
• ITS for traffic management and Road Safety
• Safety Auditing of Roads

Road Financing:
• Sharing risks: Partnerships and User fee
• Incentivizing performance: Contracts, Fiduciary Measures
• Innovative financing instruments

Greening Roads:
• Environment friendly technologies
• Creating awareness
• Evaluating environmental impact

Managing Road Assets:
• Planning
• Technology
• Financing

Policy for Change:
• Promoting private investment
• Promoting energy efficient and environmental friendly safe road technology
• Promoting procurement process for fast delivery with quality

Special Workshops:
• Envisioning Better Roads- Research Needed
• Measuring Road Impacts- Enhanced Road Safety, Improved Livelihood and Saving Human Lives

For any further information please visit following website: http://www.irfnet.ch


2017/11/14 өдөр 12:30
2017/11/17 өдөр 22:30


New Delhi, India
New Delhi, India


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